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Si86xx Linear Isolation Reference Design

Si84xx Digital Isolated Communications Reference Design.png

  • Silicon Labs' ISOLinear reference design
  • a complete, high performance alternative to expensive isolation amplifiers
  • supporting input signal bandwidths from 100 kHz (at 12-bit resolution) to 500 kHz (at 10-bits)




ISOvolt Isolated 3 V, 5 V Supply Reference Design Kits

ISOvolt Isolated Reference Design ​.png


  • the necessary isolated power supply for the secondary side of the isolation interface
  • provide a plug and play solution for up-to 3W of isolated continuous output power
  • 78% efficiency, fold-back current limiting, thermal protection and flexibility to allow for 3 V or 5 V inputs and outputs



Si890x Reference Design

Si890x Reference Design.png


  • Si890xPWR-EVB
  • 50/60 Hz ac line voltage and current measurements
  • accepts a 110 or 220 vac input, and supports load currents up to 25 A (max)



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