ZigBee® Contact Sensor Reference Design

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This Zigbee Contact Sensor can be seamlessly integrated into a larger ZigBee® home automation setup. This is a low-cost, small form factor design with the EM3587 integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) is Thread upgradable. The Si7053 temperature sensor with thermistor footprint option provides ambient temperature feedback.


Features include:

  • Form C reed switch (Form A and SOT-23 footprint options)
  • Status LED
  • 10-pin ISA3 compatible connector
  • User button
  • Test points
  • CR2032 battery holder


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Learn more about the Zigbee Contact Sensor here

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I am a newbie to zigbee and OTA. I have a ZigBee Contact Sensor Reference Design (RD-0030-0201) and connected through ZigBee USB Virtual Gateway Reference Design. I configured with Pi and it is showing a Contact Sensor connected with it. But, contact sensor only update the temperature after 30mins. I want it to update temperature after every 1min.
FYI: I also went through AN728 reference guide, and I was unable understand what's happenning.

So, it will be helpful if someone tell me in great detail and share some related links on How to configure the it's temperature update time.