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si4463 payload question

I am developing with si4463 chip.

I set the payload length to 64 bytes.

i have a problem.

The actual user data is 14 bytes.

After confirming with the spectrum analyzer, the waveform appears twice.


When transmitting a packet,
The first waveform is modulated. And then
The second waveform comes only from the carrier.


Is the first waveform transmitted with 14 bytes of actual data being modulated, and the second waveform containing 50 unmodulated bytes?


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Re: si4463 payload question

There should be no such issue, namely there should be no carrier(besides the ramp down period, very short time) after the packet.


Is it because of your configuration problem? Have you ever measureed the total time(the packet time + carrier time)? Does this time coincode with your packet length configured in the field?