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WMB930 demo code on Simplicity Studio



I have to test a radio configuration and for that I have the 4461-868-PDK. It consists of two WMB930 boards with its corresponding host MCU boards(C8051F930) and Radio boards(Si4461). I used the WDS for testing the boards and I programmed them with the "Bidirectional Packet" example. Both boards worked fine, but then I wanted to dig a little bit into the code. Therefore, I used the "Generate source" button from WDS and choose "Generate custom project and launch Silabs IDE". Then, an old IDE was opened with all the source code.


As I already had Simplicity Studio, I decided to look for that example code inside Simplicity Studio. But neither Simplicity Studio identified the board as a WMB930 nor I could find such example code for the "Bidirectional Packet" demo.


My next idea was to copy the code from the old IDE into Simplicity Studio, and as Simplicity Studio has a toolchain for the 8051 microcontrollers I thought it might be a simple task. The code does compile but the micro controller after a while gets frozen. I selected the correct microcontroller in Simplicity Studio and also the corresponding SDK. Actually I do not really need the SDK as the demo code has all the necessary header files. I modified a little the configuration of the IDE in order to test different assembler, compiler and linker options, but at the end the code did not run properly on the board.


My questions are:

1. where can I find the code for the "Bidirectional Packet" in Simplicity Studio?

2. why my Simplicity Studio did not identify the WMB930 board as itself?

3. which is the recommended IDE configuration for compiling and running the code examples from the WDS?


In case more data is needed, please let me know


regards, Juanito

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Re: WMB930 demo code on Simplicity Studio

The wireless demo code under WMB930 board is not moved/ported to Simplicity at present time. It is suggested to use 8 bit MCU IDE for the si446x/si106x demo code.

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Re: WMB930 demo code on Simplicity Studio

The problem I have is that WDS only runs on Windows and the old IDE does it as well. Right now I have both running windows but my development machine has Ubuntu, therefore I wanted to port the example to Simplicity Studio, which does run in Ubuntu.


I think the only missing thing to make it run properly in Simplicity Studio is the configuration of the assembler, compiler and linker. It can be obtained from the old IDE but I was not able to port it to Simplicity Studio as it has many other options.


Maybe could it be possible to get these configurations as a .cproject that I can open in Simplicity Studio

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Re: WMB930 demo code on Simplicity Studio

Just tried to compile the demo code with the old IDE and it does compile it but the same happens, after a while the two WMB930 boards just stop to communicate. My test is to keep on pressed button 1 as long as possible in order to realize when they stop communicating with each other. This error does not happen when I download the code from WDS. Where could I find an old IDE project with the "Bidirectional Packet" compiling correctly?