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Si446x external PA


I'm looking for some solution of external PA for Si446x. Now we use Si4461 but in some cases a range is not enough. I would like to use (or I have to use) a simple external PA with supply of 3.3V. I found one in AN656 but NESG250134 is discontinued. We also can't buy BGA6130 (4463CPCE27F868). The goal is 27-30dBm of output power.

Any suggestion? Is there any alternative and verified solution?



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Re: Si446x external PA

Looking for the same thing to take advantage of +30dBm 915 Mhz ISM band licences.

Did you find a solution ?

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Re: Si446x external PA

You can use an external FEM to achieve this goal. I attach the reference for your reference. Si4436's match circuits is the same with Si4464.