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Si4468 PA support for +27 or +30 dBm

The datasheet for the Si4467/8 part has the words in the above subject line on the front page, and also this: "The Si4468 can achieve up to +27 dBm output power with built-in ramping control of a low-cost external FET."

I have searched high and low, silabs,com and elsewhere, and I can find nothing further than this.  I'd like to transmit at this level at either 144 MHz or 432 MHz.  Is there a reference design, a schematic, even just a few words about this anywhere?  On this forum there's a similar question, with a pointer to an page, but going there reveals only a list of EZRadioPro chips.  Clicking on the "Documentation" button sends me to a five-page long list of zip files.


Can anyone point me to something more specific?




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Re: Si4468 PA support for +27 or +30 dBm

Hi Rod,


Unfortunately we do not have reference designs for +27dBm output power for 144 or 432MHz. The closest +27dBm matching we have is for 169MHz:


This design is using an external FEM to achieve +27dBm. The matching network was not tested at 144MHz, small component value modifications might be required, but this can be a good starting point.


We also have a 169MHz design that uses FET, but unfortunately the FET became obsolete, and currently we do not have an updated FET design yet:


For 432MHz (433/434MHz) we do not have any high power (+27/30dBm) reference design.