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Si4463, no responce after issueing si446x_power_up()


   For our project, we have a couple of prototype board that use a 4463CPCE30E915R pico board and a first version of our real hardware using SI4463.


Our C project will run the pico board based hardware but when we load it on our costume board.The radio will not respond after si446x_power_up(0x81, 0x81, RADIO_CONFIGURATION_DATA_RADIO_XO_FREQ); is run.


I modified the project to check CTS through spi interface after reset but before si446x_power_up(); and the radio responded with 0xff (ready)  looking at the bus on an o-scope, the SI4463 drive the bus strongly. After si446x_power_up(); and waiting 5 ms, the chip will not respond positively to the CTS query. Looking at the scope when the mcu issues the 0x44, the MISO line show a slowly rising voltage, then the MCU issues a 0x00 to read the response the the radio will drive the line low hard. I can put the check CTS in a loop and the radio will never respond after that.


We have copied the layout and BOM of the radio pico board 4463CPCE20C915 for our design.


Any ideas?