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Si106x matching network at 470-510 MHz



I would like to use the Si1062 in an application within the 470-510 MHz frequency band following the direct-tie configuration. I found reference values in AN627 - Table 9 and Table 11 on page 14, however these values are not for the frequency band of interest.


I found that AN732 details the matching topology and values for the 470-510 MHz which are for the Si4438 board in the direct-tie configuration (Figure 2, page 4). 


Can the values for the 470-510 MHz direct-tie configuration in AN732 be used directly with the Si1062?




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Re: Si106x matching network at 470-510 MHz

Hi Madison,


Basically you have 2 options.


1. Use the matching shown in AN732 Figure 2, but L0, C0, CM values should be optimized for the low-power PA (13dBm). All other component values can remain the same. The Class-E matching process is detailed in AN627 chapter 5. Since this is a Direct-tie configuration, adjusting the TX matching has effect on the RX sensitivity as well, so the TX and RX side should be measured simultaneously during the tuning.


2. Use the attached matching as a starting point. The CH-LH values should be chosen to resonate at 490MHz. The low-pass filter might need some minor tuning (decreasing the component values). The direct-tie connection should be realized as shown in AN648 Figure 5. The 4-element RX matching can be the same as what is shown in AN732 Figure 2.


Note that slightly higher TX current is achievable with this option compared to the Class-E solution (option 1).