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RAIL 4-GFSK configuration

Hi, all I am using EFR32FG1P133F256GM48 (4250A EVM) and want to use 4-GFSK 200kbps. I confirmed that 2-GFSK 100kbps, then trying to configure 4-GFSK 200kbps by using 2-GFSK 100kbps configuration. Becasue Simplify Studio only provide 2-GFSK configuration files(.isc), so it's difficult to configure 4-GFSK. Please help me to solve this problem.
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Re: RAIL 4-GFSK configuration



Which version of SSv4/Radio configurator do you use?

I've checked the tools with the latest version,  FSK4 is there. 

Attachment is a screenshot about the radio configurator.


If the SSv4/Radio configurator is not the latest version, please upgrade first.