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Not supported features in RAIL v1.0.0.0

According to "UG103.13: Application Development Fundamentals: RAIL" the following features are not supported:

-Duty Cycled Receive operation
-Frequency Hopping Receive operation
-Antenna Diversity
-802.15.4 support

However "IEEE 80214 2p4GHz" profile is available in the Radio Configurator for Flex Gecko EFR32FG. Can someone please confirm what is supported and what is not (specially acknowledgements, antenna diversity, and 802.15.4).

Many thanks.


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Re: Not supported features in RAIL v1.0.0.0

Hi Thai,

The IEEE 802154 profile has 802154 compatible PHY, but the RAIL API doesn't support yet antenna diversity and 802.15.4 compatible auto ACK and packet filtering. This is true also for RAIL1.1.

Duty Cycled Receive operation can be implemented on application level, it is demonstrated in a sample application in RAIL SDK 1.1.

Frequency hopping can be implemented also on app level, sample app is coming in a future release.


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