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Moving RF transceivers optimisation



    I would like to optimise an application with two RF transceivers (Si4460) moving at 50km/h. They spend their time following or crossing each other and exchanging informations about accelerations.

    For testing, I naively use 2GFSK, 434MHz, 9.6kbps, 10kHz deviation, 10dBm, data whitening and CRC with a 0.5ppm TCXO and omnidirectional VSWR <1.7 antennas.

    As the two transceivers are on moving platforms, is it better for the data rate to be lower or higher ? I need to transmit 5 non-critical packets of 30 bytes every minute but worry too low of a rate might make the transfer too long while they move. Currently, it seems that above a certain speed or range (it's hard to isolate), the number of CRC_Error interrupts becomes higher than RX interrupt meaning the exchange quality takes a dive.


Thank you.

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Re: Moving RF transceivers optimisation



It also depends on, how big range do you want. For a moving system, a bigger data rate is better, but on the other hand the bigger is the data rate, the smaller is the range.