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IDE options for si-1060

I'm new to using silicon labs products, my background is the ti msp430. I am interested in writing software for the si1060, but am getting a bit tripped up on the variety of different environments si offers. I was able to get the Silicon Laboratories IDE + Keil compiler working with a custom board being programmed with the Silabs USB Debug Adapter, but I wasn't too crazy about the IDE or the debug interface. Is it possible to use  some of the other tools like Simplicity Studio? I installed Simplicity studio but couldn't find the si1060 as an option for a board type.



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Re: IDE options for si-1060

Simplicity Studio supports the 32bit parts and the latest 8bit MCUs (EFM8) only.

So we recommend using the Silabs IDE and the Wireless Development Suite (WDS) for Si1060 development.

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