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Help me understand Si4010


I'm trying to plow my way through docs, but they are chaotic and not very helpful.


So, my goal is to send data to Si4355. I believe I need Si4010 to do that.


Do I understand correctly?


1. I can buy development boards which I can connect to my PC USB and, using WDS, send code to Si4355 and Si4010

2. WDS will help me write code for Si4355, but I don't see Si4010 implemented in it?

3. Development boards are for "playing" with chips - I can't burn any external chip mounted on my PCB with them

4. To program my own Si4010, I will need USB Debugger Tool or USB Toolstick? I connect these to my PCB and they enable me to program NVM

5. Programming Si4010 through C2 interface does not save data and I have to do that again when power is lost

6. There are some kits with adapters where I can put my chip inside, program it and then solder to my PCB


What exactly should I get to program Si4010 NVM on my own PCB? 

It's my first time with your hardware and I'm pretty confused...




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Re: Help me understand Si4010

Hi Blockchain,


You can send data to Si4355 with any subGHz Silabs transmitter, transceiver or WMCU, including the Si4010.

1. 2. WDS supports the Si4355, but does not support the Si410.

You can program the Si4010 with the Silicon Labs 8bit IDE.

3. 6. You can find the necessary HW to burn the NVM (OTP memory) of the Si4010 in the Si4010 development kit (P/N 4010-KFOBDEV-xxx). You can also burn NVM on your own board if you connect GND, VCC, VPP, C2CLK and C2DAT.

4. You can use any of them, but additionally you have to provide the 6.5V programming voltage. The dev kit has the proper board for it. See more details in the dev kit user guide at

5. This is true only if you are loading your code in RAM for debugging.  


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