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EZR32LG Fail running Simple TRx example



I'm running Simple TRx example (without changes) under EZR32LG, but some problems are happening.



When Board 1 and 2 are changing packets, apparently the sequencwe is broken, Board 1 sends the correct sequence but Board 2 receives an old packet. (attached file 1)



Incorrect received data as showed in attached file 2. I was hopping, in that case, a CRC error during transmission.



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Re: EZR32LG Fail running Simple TRx example

Hi Denis,

First:   I have checked, the program run normally, and couldn't reproduce your question. I created the project based on Gecko SDK v5.0.0.

Second:  Which demo code did you test about frequency hopping?   The simple TRX project we provide doesn't contain frequecy hopping.