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EZR32HG330 datasheet?

I am interested in testing EZR32HG220 but the development kit for EZR32 comes with EZR32HG330. I would like to compare the differences between the HG220 and HG330 models but I can not find the datasheet of the HG330.

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Re: EZR32HG330 datasheet?



Did you mean HG320 instead of HG330? The datasheet for both EZR32HG220 and 320 is available at our website. In general on the EZR32, the only difference between between the 220 and 320 families is the availability of the USB.




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Re: EZR32HG330 datasheet?

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Re: EZR32HG330 datasheet?

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diegoaraujo wrote:

The Silabs website needs to be fixed:

This page still mentions:

Radio Board Specs:

  • Device: EZR32HG330FG68G