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EFR32FG1P133 in smaller QFN32 package



currently we are developing with the EFR32FG1P133F256GM48.

Generally this chip works really well for our usecase. Just the QFN48 package makes it really hard to integrate in the available space. In this document I found the type EFR32FG1P133F256GM32 which should be in a QFN32 package. Also such a package can be selected in Simplicity Studio. Unfortunately I couldn't find any other information about this package.

Will this small package come to market at some point and if so are there any estimation when this will be available?

Or is there any other EFR32* with dual band transceivers planned to be released with a smaller package than the current 7*7mm QFN48 package?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: EFR32FG1P133 in smaller QFN32 package

The PCN you reference and Studio list the EFR32FG1 dual band QFN32 parts in error.  These are not available and the EFR32FG1 datasheet ( section 2 Ordering Information contains the correct list of part numbers.  We will correct this going forward.