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Cannot program EFR32 with Flex/Gecko 2.4/915 MHz board to transmit continuous DSSS signal at 915 MHz

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I have a Flex Gecko 2.4/915 MHz system attached to the EFR32. I need to be able to program the board to transmit a continuous DSSS signal at 915 MHZ. Most of the time, whenever I try to run a compile, I get an error "File generation failed. Error: null"

I was able to get an application to load and run, earlier, but all attempts since then have resulted in this failure.


How do I set the board up and program it to continuously transmit a DSSS signal with a bandwidth of 500 kHz? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software at least 6 times on 2 different computers. It seems like I can pick a configuration, customize it, and generate once, but never again. And, of course, I have never been able to figure out the correct configuration.