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Cannot Communicate with the SI4468 on EZR32LG330F128R69G

I have built a project based up to the SLWSTK6200A_ezradio_simple_trx example but for the EZR32LG330F128R69G with the relevant SI4468 includes. My prototype hardware uses the EZR32LG330F128R69G module with no HFXO or LFXO external crystals. I have set the HF clock to use HFRCO and configured the RTC used in the example to use LFRCO.


The problem is when I try to read the part info from the radio I get nothing retuned and no errors. It looks like the ezradio is not communicating with the MCU. Stepping through the code on my prototype board it all seems to start ok with a 250ms interrupt from the RTC running and no errors but  ezradio_part_info(&ezradioReply) does not populate ezradioReply.


Curiously if I run my code on the SLWSTK6200A board (exactly the same code targetted for the EZR32LG330F128R69G) it works fine.


Am I missing another setting to use the internal RCO clocks or are there any differences between the setup of the EZR32LG330F256R60Ga and the EZR32LG330F128R69G ? I understood them to be the same family and thus compatible. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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Re: Cannot Communicate with the SI4468 on EZR32LG330F128R69G

(1) an external crystal(for HFXO)  is needed for radio part working normally. You can't use HFRCO for the radio part.
(2) in EZR32XXR69 chip, there are two PAs. You can reuse the demo code for R68/R67, but you need to configure the PA based on your HW chip accordingly. Please refer to PA_SEL bits in PA_MODE API.

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Re: Cannot Communicate with the SI4468 on EZR32LG330F128R69G

Many thanks for the reply. I have an external 26MHz crystal for the radio but no HFX or LFX, this configuration works on the demo development board and now my own prototype too. It turned out that the main problem was the hardware designer had used GPIO2,3 for something and they were being held high. Once I disabled theses lines for use by the radio it all worked as expected.


The tip on the radio PA is very useful, the details of the EZR32XXR69 part are sketchy with no direct support in the radio config tool.