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Auto-Ack Clarification

Hi there,


We are looking at using si4467 transceiver chips and also looking at some of the integrated efr devices. We have been using the si4460 transceivers for several years. There are numerous mentions about auto-ack features. The si4467 datasheet says


"After the packet is transmitted, the transceiver has the ability to automatically receive an ACK if configured to do so." Documentation for the EFR says it can "assemble and transmit" the ack packets.


1. Can you please confirm exactly what auto-ack features are supported by the si4467? Can it assemble packets and transmit them automatically as well?


2. Can you please point me to documentation about how to configure this feature on the si4467? It does not seem to be supported by wireless configurator, and RAIL does not support the separate SI4467 transceiver. 


3.  Can you please explain exactly what can be achieved in hardware in terms of auto-ack for the Flex Gecko parts. 


The documentation seems to mention 802.15.4 features a lot but I cannot find proper detailed explanations.


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Re: Auto-Ack Clarification

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Please note that the EFR32 contains completely different radio than the Si4x6x family.


1., 2. The AUTO-ACK feature would be available only in the 802.15.4 boot mode of the Si4467, however this boot mode is not available. So in fact AUTO-ACK feature is not available on Si4467/68 The "802.15.4g bidirectional pkt" example in WDS uses only the 802.15.4 fetures that are available in the EZRadioPRO boot mode.


3. The Flex Gecko supports AUTO-ACK. You can program the radio of the EFR32 via the RAIL API. The 802.15.4 related fetures of RAIL are described at C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v4\developer\sdks\gecko_sdk_suite\v1.0\protocol\flex_1.1\documentation\API_RAIL_HTML\group___i_e_e_e802__15__4.html

and are demonstrated in the RAILTEST sample application. See also the section "Protocol Specific Features IEEE 802.15.4" in C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v4\developer\sdks\gecko_sdk_suite\v1.0\protocol\flex_1.1\documentation\RailTestUserGuide.html

A useful reading is also.

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