The default header file radio_config.h of Si4362-C2 doesn't define RF_PKT_CRC_SEED_31_24_4

by <a href=""><font color="#000000"><font size="2">Ninja Employee</font></font> </a> Yongsheng on ‎07-05-2017 04:34 AM

For Si4362-C2 part, the radio-config header file which is created by WDS doesn't define RF_PKT_CRC_SEED_31_24_4 and doesn't add it into RADIO_CONFIGURATION_DATA_ARRAY even though we set a new CRC seed in the WDS's GUI window.  If the crc seed in the sender side is not all's 0, Si4362-C2 will appear crc error when it tries to receive the data.

A temporary solution is to define RF_PKT_CRC_SEED_31_24_4 and add it into RADIO_CONFIGURATION_DATA_ARRAY manually.