Replacement for the uPG2164 DPDT RF-switch

by <a href=""><font color="#000000"><font size="2">Hero Employee</font></font> </a> zovida on ‎09-16-2016 11:06 AM


What kind of RF-switch is recommended for the replacement of the uPG2164 DPDT RF-switch used in most of reference designs?


The RF-switches listed below can be good alternatives to replace the uPG2164 DPDT RF-switch. These switches have approximately the same specifications/characteristics/ratings and footprint as the uPG2164.


Example list of RF switches for the replacement:








The RF switch used in the designs needs to have:
- low insertion loss
- high enough frequency capability
- high isolation

- high enough power capability

- low harmonic re-generation, i.e. low distortion

- small size