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si47XX & si48XX Introductory Questions



I'm new here and would like to experiment with the si47XX & si48XX receivers.  I'm hoping someone would answer a few questions just to get me started.  I've looked through the documents, which have raised the following questions.  


1) Do these receivers already have default configurations that require only minor configurations, or must all parameters be set?


2) As for programming, is the evaluation board the best option?  And is this board completely GUI, requiring only "point and click" configuration?


3)  Finally, the models listed as 12C controlled must always be connected to a programmed MCU while operationg, correct?  If the configuration will NOT be modified during use (such as powering up to a specific frequency, volume, etc), then the MCU is still needed?  


Thank you for helping me.  I appreciate any replies..



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Re: si47XX & si48XX Introductory Questions

Hi Curious 1,

1. Yes, the chips have default configurations.

2. As for programming, you can refer to the example code we provide on our official website.

The EVB is best for the performance evaluating. The GUI is easy to use.

3. No, the host MCU is not needed if the configuratioin won't  need to change.