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Si88x4x emissions - CISPA 11 characterization under full output load



Require isolators for medical device, compliant with IEC60601-1-2-26, the emi/rfi section of the 60601-1 general spec.


FDA require emissions below CISPA 11, class 1, Level 2 for IEC60601-1 class 1 configured device, i.e. metal/conductive enclosure attached to safety earth ground.


What is the radiated emissions for the Si8824x, Vin = 5V?


Data as in Fig 3 of "Low emi isolation for medical equipment applications"  for the 8824x to compare to the limits set by CISPR11.


Is there a document specifically making recommendations for the 8824X minimizing emissions extending beyond AN583: Safety Considerations and Layout Recommendations for Digital Isolators?


TI offer


ADI offer


and in save philosophy as TI


Lastly, are there other components at Vin and Vout fig1 of AN892 recommended to minimize radiation?




John Kimura