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Si823x Upper Channel Biasing

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For the Si823x series for isolated gate drives, all the references show the upper channel biasing to be of the boot-strap type and uni-polar.


Could the VDDA and GNDA actually be configured such that if, for example, a +15V/-5V bi-polar type biasing be fed into the chip and the source/emitter return of the device connected to separate neutral point?


Or a different way could be that a 20V supply be placed between those pins, then using a secondary zener diode with resistors and capacitors create a +15V/-5V gate biasing ckt w/ a derived, floating source/emitter return point.


Is there anything in the chip itself that would prevent negative biasing or reverse current flow?



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Re: Si823x Upper Channel Biasing

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The best way to get answers to your power products questions is to submit a technical support request on the Silicon Labs website. Have you created a support request before?


If not:


1. Go to
2. Click on the "Support & Training" menu at the top of the page
3. Click on the "Technical Support" link toward the bottom of the menu
4. Log in using your web site credentials. You may need to create a new set if this is your first time entering a support ticket, specifically.
5. Follow the directions on the subsequent pages to get your support ticket into the system.