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Si8236 ISODriver

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Can the device operate with the driver supply voltage of 5v?  I need to provide high current capable outputs that could be produced with voltages from 5v - 24v.


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David Dudley

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Re: Si8236 ISODriver


The Si8236 is probably not going to work too well with a 5V driver supply. The lowest under voltage lockout (UVLO) threshold for the driver supply has a range of 4.9V to 6V. This means that some parts could enter UVLO at 6V. 

You might want to consider looking at the Si827x family. It is intended for high common mode transient immunity (CMTI) applications. But it has UVLO options as low as 3V (2.5V to 3.8V range).


You can find information about this driver family, including a datasheet, here:

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Re: Si8236 ISODriver

Unfortunately, one of the things I needed from the driver was the Optical Isolation.  The SI827x doesn't have that capability that I see, so it's not suitable.


What I need is the hi-speed capability, with a possible hi-current drive as well.  This is to trigger some protective equipment in a particle accelerator system.

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Re: Si8236 ISODriver

Sorry, my mistake.  Looks like the Si827x has exactly what I need.  I was reading the synopsis, instead of the data sheet.  And it's available in an LGA-14 as well.  This will fit the bill!