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Si468x Concurrent Audio I2S/L-R

Dear All,


I am using the Si4684 with firmware rev 26 (DAB 5.0.5).


In the datasheet it states the feature


* Concurrent I2S / L-R stereo audio out


However, this doesn't appear to be the case, I can have either L-R or I2S but not both.

My I2S is configures as MASTER, 48kHz. 


If I set PIN_CONFIG_ENABLE to 0x8002, then I get I2S output OK.

If I set PIN_CONFIG_ENABLE to 0x8001, then I get L-R output OK


but If I set PIN_CONFIG_ENABLE to 0x8003, then I only get L-R and No I2S DOUT (it is low). 

Note that FS and CLK are working with 0x8003 setting.


(I'm rebooting between changes - so it is not that there isn't a tune to set up the settings).


I've also tried in I2S SLAVE mode, and the same is true, DOUT only works with PIN_CONFIG_ENABLE set to 0x8002.


Anybody got concurrent I2S and L-R with Si4684 ? or have any ideas why I'm not !