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Si3402-A to Si3402-B

Si3402-A to Si3402-B in isolated design:

No changement in layout, only values?

Does SSFT stay connected to V+?

Have you now more clear information?

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Re: Si3402-A to Si3402-B

Hi Thomas,

The Si3402B is completely pin-compatible with the Si3402A. The only changes are in discrete component values, and there is no layout change needed.

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Re: Si3402-A to Si3402-B

Can anyone tell me about the changes I have to make for 12V Isolated Design with Si3402-B?

I can't find any datasheet or application note for Si3402-B! Does this part really exist?

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Re: Si3402-A to Si3402-B

We changed to the Si3402B recently, works ok, did not see problems.

Question: Modified boards, but omitted by accident the transition to DFLT30A (iso DFLT15A).

Did not notice any issue. Is it necessary to rework these boards from DFLT15A to DFLT30A?