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Si2401 Modem: Global Ringer and Busy Tone Cadence Settings

Referring to the Si2401 V.22BIS ISOMODEM® WITH INTEGRATED GLOBAL DAA product specs. If a certain Country is not listed in Table 16: Si2401 Global Ringer and Busy Tone Cadence Settings, do I use the U.S., Canada (Default) settings?

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Re: Si2401 Modem: Global Ringer and Busy Tone Cadence Settings

The answer to your question is dependent on host software, based on whether or not you make any decisions based on the 'r' and 'b' result codes that may come from the modem.

I believe that under most cases, your host software probably does nothing when an 'r' is sent by the modem. The ring-back tone is not very important.

The busy tone information might be important. One possibility is that your host software could be implementing a timeout, waiting for the 'c' (successful connection). If this is all you are doing, then you don't need the 'b' information.

However, there is also possible that your software would act upon the 'b' code. Maybe when your host software receives 'b' from the modem, that it may want to hang up the call immediately, rather than wait for the timeout. If this is the case, then we need to make sure we get the cadence correctly for the busy tone.