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SI4713 RF Shield gap to antenna

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I want to obtain FCC module certification on my pcb which contains a SI4713 - FM Tramsmitter.


The application notes state the minimum distance from the antenna to the ground plane but I have not found a recommendation when it comes to an RF shield that covers the SI4713 and the tuning CAP.


The antenna trace (trace antenna) is on the TOP of the board which will hold the metal RF shield.  I'm not real educated on the RF side so my concern is the metal shield sitting on the PCB with the antenna trace exiting the shield with only the solder mask separating the antenna trace and the shield.


Should I cut a notch in the shield were the antenna exits?  How would that notch affect FCC radiation requirements.


Any help or comments would be appreciated.





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Re: SI4713 RF Shield gap to antenna

Can anyone from SI please respond.