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FrameGrabber control problem



I'm trying to write a c++ program in Visual Studio to control the FrameGrabber. So far the only thing I do is 


Fg_struct* fg = Fg_init("Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll",0);


And I get an application cannot start error.

I can compile and build the program but I cannot run it. I have already link the fglib5.lib library and included the .h files. But what I don't know is where should I put the .dll file. Now I have my dll file in the same folder as my project. I really don't understand why it is not working.


This is what I have in Additional Include Directories: $(SISODIR5)\include;$(SISODIR5)\include\msinttypes;..\..\include;..\..\CXP\CXPCommon;%(AdditionalIncludeDirectories)


I also copied the include and lib folder into my project.





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Re: FrameGrabber control problem

what device are you using that from Silabs?