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CPT112S Module Problem

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Hi everyone,

i can't understand how the i2c work with this module.

As the Guide said i've programmed the device with the Xpress Configuration tool. I kept the same Adress 0xE0.

In my program i wait for the INT pin to be low then i start a communication.

Here i've some questions for you...

1) i need to send just 0xE0 as adress or i need to shift and add 1 on the LSB or i need to add just 1 (0xE1)?

2) what is the indicate frequency to operate

3)if the Device send me the ACK after i send the adress will it send me the other 3 byte as well or i need to do something?


I'm sorry for my english and for my question, that are probably stupid.

Thank you for the help

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Re: CPT112S Module Problem

1) Consider what happens when you shift 0xE0 one bit to the left and then answer your own question.

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Re: CPT112S Module Problem

i know what happen if i shift 0xE0 by one but since it don't work i think was important be secure that the adress was correct. Thank you for the helpfull comment