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si7053 temperature inaccuracy

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I am using si7053 with cc2650 BLE chip set. We are taking temperature sample from Si7053 with 10 min sampling interval. As per datasheet, Si7053 resolution default set to 14 bit resolution (0.01 °C).
But when we took sample, it showing constant temperature for many readings, and then made a 'large' jump. If the resolution is 14-bit, then there should be some amount of 'smoothness' in the samples.

Below the test result, we found in our testing. Please help me in this, why it is happening?

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Re: si7053 temperature inaccuracy

Looking it over the last byte is generally 0x46 which makes me think the read transaction is not formed correctly and the second byte is not reading correctly.


Please review the data sheet and observe the transaction with a scope to be sure. I think maybe you are sending a stop or a restart between bytes or you are not sending the ACK of the data byte.