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si7013 VOUT and buffered setting


I'm using si7013 for low power application as illustrate below, and i'm little bit confuse regarding auxiliary setting.

Si7013 schematic.png

1. In order to save power between auxiliary measurements, do i need to set VOUT bit each time i execute auxiliary measurement and at the end to clear VOUT bit in order to save power ?

2. In this mode of operation, do i need to set VIN_BUF bit ? does it improve power consumption ?

3. Using the resistors above, what should be the setting of VREFP bit ?  according to my calculation it should be set to VDDA as A/D reference source since Vp-Vn > 0.625V.




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Re: si7013 VOUT and buffered setting

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1. For that particular application circuit, VOUT should be brought high when measurements are taken. To save power between analog input measurements, VOUT should be brought low, allowing the resistor string to be powered down. 


2 & 3. The buffer is needed for high impedance sources or for larger input ranges with respect to VDD. For this circuit, the buffer should be used.