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SI1143-M01-EVB with external MCU

Is it possible to communicate with the Si1143 of the SI1143-M01-EVB with an externa MCU ?

From what i see from the schematics, i can connect with TP1 to TP5 but the local MCU need to put the connection in high impedance. Is there a hex file that i can load to the local MCU that put those connection in high impedance ?

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Re: SI1143-M01-EVB with external MCU



If you want to use the external MCU to communicate with the sensor, simply don't connect the USB to your PC. That will disable the local MCU. Then, you can jump wire to VDD(TP4), GND(TP1), SDA(TP3), SCL(TP2) pin on the EVB from your external MCU. If INT pin is needed, you have to connect that as well.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.




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Re: SI1143-M01-EVB with external MCU

Another option is to connect to the MCU and just erase the flash content of it using our IDE. With no code running on the MCU, all of its pins will be high impedance.