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IR correction for Si1133-AA00-GM Used in night vision camera for ambient sensing


we are using Si1133-AA00-GM for Ambient light sensing for the following requirement 

Detect low light condition and turn on the IR illumination for enabling Night vision and again when ambient light is ok we need to sense it and turn off the illumination .

we are facing the following issues

1.when in normal case the ALS chip is fixed on the IR illumination board which is placed in front of camera board and when IR illumination is turned ON by sensing a Low light condition the LUX values are shooting and getting into saturation

2.For this case what is the preferred ADCMUX setting that has to be used since we don't want any IR measurement only measuring the white light LUX values will this be ok ? and we have light pipe connecting to the ALS chip in the front plastics  so do we need a IR correction in this case ?

3.After turning on the IR LED the over all lux values are getting into saturation as the light pipe is not 100% IR opaque and due to the reflection from the plastic the values are getting increased can we do some compensation at this case because when low value of LUX is detected the Host processor turns on the IR LED after this how to correct the over all increase in LUX values and retain it to normal (Is there any IR compensation at 850 nm can be done so that it should not affect the Ambient measurement (i.e compensating should not make impact in the measured value of lux during ambient change ) 

4.will flooding copper on the top side of the PCB near and inside the pad area of the chip creates performance impact is there any layout guide recommended for the IC 








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Re: IR correction for Si1133-AA00-GM Used in night vision camera for ambient sensing



We have received your technical support ticket in our support portal regarding the same issue. Please see our response and follow up there.