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Choose Wisely: An MCU is Only As Good as Its Development Tools

Selecting an MCU also means selecting development tools, and to help you make the best decision we've collected all the information you need about our EFM32 Starter Kits.

EFR32 Starter Kit Teaser.png

Helping TYLT Bring Heart Rate Monitoring to the Pebble Time Smartwatch

Check out how TYLT is using our EFR32 Jade Gecko MCU and Si1144-AAG optical heart rate sensor to extend the capabilities of the popular Pebble Time smartwatch. 

Pebble Time Family.png

Superfast Sensor Evaluation Using the EFM8 Sleepy Bee

10 Minutes to Sensor Evaluation.jpg

The EFM8 Sleepy Bee and Simplicity Studio make comparing sensors for your design superfast and easy.

What's Your Energy Score?


Easily track and tweak your energy score with the newly redesigned Energy Profiler--only in Simplicity Studio. 

Webinar Recap: What's New in Simplicity Studio


Missed our latest Simplicity Studio webinar? Fret not! Here’s a recap for you.


Concurrent Wireless and MCU Development with EZR32 and Simplicity Studio

Concurrent Development

Find out how Simplicity Studio works with EZR32 MCUs to enable concurrent wireless and MCU development.

Come see what's new in Simplicity Studio


We’re excited to announce that we’ve added some great new functionality to the already-fantastic Simplicity Studio.