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SLEEPY BEE starter kit review



In this review I would like to present my first encounter with EFM8 SLEEPY BEE starter kit (SLSTK2011A), included how to bring live the necessary tools and how I started to realize a simple project using onboard LCD, ADC and different low power modes of this microcontroller.

Happy Gecko starterkit review part 2



In this part of review I would like to talk about MCU and it's great USB susystem.

I will also show how to create fun project, in whick Happy Gecko will help us to write reports (by copy-pasting Robot wink).

Happy Gecko starterkit review


Here you will find a review of a new Silabs kit based on low pin count USB enabled Cortex M0+ microcontroller.

Review of EZR32 STK and Simplicity Studio


This article concerns Starter kits EZR32 SLWSTK6221A (434 MHz).

I will present here the following topics:

- the content of the box

- hardware desciption

- start with Simplicity

- example of application (completed soon, I hope)

Review of the SENSOR-PUCK


As a beekeeper and a microcontroller hobbyist I always wanted to create something with a microcontroller to aid me with my beekeeping hobby. The SENSOR-PUCK looks like a good basis to monitor the health of a beehive so I entered the SENSOR-PUCK contest with my idea and was more than happy when I received a SENSOR-PUCK as the price in my mail.

C8051F970 MCU development kit!

I received an email saying that I had won a free MCU development kit. A few days later I got a text while I was at work saying my package had arrived. I couldn't wait to get started learning and working with the C8051F970 MCU development kit.