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Extending Bluetooth with Mesh Networking

Today we’re unleashing a suite of development tools, a software stack, and mobile applications to extend the power of Bluetooth with mesh networking. 

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Bringing Plug-and-Play Simplicity to Your Next Audio Design with the CP2615 USB-to-I2S-Bridge

Today we introduced a USB-to-I2S Bridge device, bringing turn-key simplicity to digital audio design. Learn how to get started with your new audio design with CP2615 audio bridge device.

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Embedded World Recap

We went full-tilt at Embedded World last week, announcing our latest Wireless Gecko products and showing off demos that highlight our capabilities in MCUs, multiprotocol functionality, as well as security and power management.

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Helping Home Appliance Developers Comply with International Safety Certification

we've released a new software library for EFM8 MCUs, making compliance with the IEC-60730 safety standard easier. Appliances_Highlight.jpg

These New EFR32 Gecko SoCs are Ready for Whatever Comes Next

We’re at Embedded World this week where we’ve announced an expansion to our Wireless Gecko SoC portfolio.

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Touch and Go: 3 Reasons Our New EFM8 MCUs Will Make Your Next Car Your Favorite

This week we introduced two families of automotive-grade EFM8 MCUs; the ultra-low-power EFM8SB1 Sleepy Bee and the EFM8BB1/BB2 Busy Bee. Here are three reasons they’re going to change the way you look at your car’s mirrors, headlights, and seats.


Make it Small, Make it Fast, Make it First: Introducing the World’s Smallest Bluetooth SiP Module

Today we introduced the industry's smallest Bluetooth low energy system-in-package (SiP) module, measuring in at just 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm with a built-in chip antenna. The next small thing is here, with all-in-one Bluetooth connectivity.

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Introducing the First High-Speed Multi-Channel PLC Input Isolators

Earlier this month, we introduced the new Si838x PLC field input isolator family, which is the first high-speed, multi-channel digital isolators designed to meet the demands of programmable logic controller (PLC) applications.Si838 Highlight.png

Faster, Simpler Connectivity with USBXpress

Check out the latest member of our USBXpress family - the smaller, lower-power CP2102N USB controller. This addition abstracts complex, time-consuming firmware development and packs serious functionality in a small package - down to 3 mm x 3 mm.

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Get More from our New Multiprotocol and Sub-GHz Wireless SoCs with Connect Networking Stack

We’ve expanded the Wireless Gecko family and launched the first dual-band multi-protocol wireless SoCs as well as sub-GHz SoCs, giving IoT developers even more options for standards-based and proprietary wireless networks.

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Making the IoT Happier with the EZR32 Sub-GHz Wireless MCU

Introducing the EZR32 Happy Gecko, a high-performance, low-energy wireless solution that comes in a small form factor.

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Introducing the World’s Smallest, Low Power LVCMOS Clock Generators

Today, we released the Si5121x Tiny Clock family with ClockBuilder Pro, the industry’s smallest programmable LVCMOS clock generators.

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Increased OS Support for EFM32 Gecko MCUs


We're increasing OS support for our EFM32 Gecko MCUs, proving you with added flexibility to choose the best approach fro your applications. 

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What to Do When Your CEO Isn't Really Your CEO

ThinkstockPhotos-87660951-2.jpgIn our world of sophisticated security infringements and major data breaches, we sometimes forget that the biggest scams can come from the simplest of means. By now, most of us have the common sense not to respond to obvious email phishing attempts at home. However, you might not think twice about responding to an urgent email request at work from your CEO. 

Wireless Development, Simplified

Today we announced the Blue Gecko BGM113 Bluetooth Smart Module, a fully integrated, certified Bluetooth® low-energy module designed for low-power, short-range wireless applications. BGM113 Highlight Image.jpg