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IoT Hero Anrim Technologies: Taking a Different Road with Connected Cars & More

blog-anrim.jpgSee how IoT Hero Jason Harris is uncovering previously inaccessible opportunities in the connected car market.

IoT Hero Professor Sergei Bezrukov: Seeding the Next Generation of Innovators

blog-prof.jpgSee how the IoT is helping this professor encourage his students to think outside the box and push the bounds of creative problem-solving with cutting-edge technology. 

IoT Hero Jmesh Introduces an Intelligent Energy Ecosystem

blog-jmesh.jpgEven as the idea and applications for the Internet of Things have become familiar and accepted by the market, its industrial uses as a first developed component have been widespread in China for years. Learn more from IoT Hero Mr. Wang Donglin. 

IoT Hero Airthings: Helping Customers Breathe Easily

blog-airthings2.jpgIoT Hero Airthings just launched Wave, a smart radon detector that couples sleek design with cutting-edge sensing technology to save lives. 

IoT Hero Xively Wants to Ensure a Jetsons-like Future

blog-xively.pngSee how IoT Hero Xively helps companies use the IoT to create new revenue channels, streamline business processes, and design innovative products and services that will transform our everyday lives.

On the Cutting Edge of Smart Grid Innovation: IoT Hero Nexgrid

Square.jpgNexgrid Founder and CEO Costa Apostolakis shares the unique IoT journey of a utility sector innovator that offers unrestricted monitoring and control of metering and data for electric, water, and gas. 

Inboard Technology Uses Connectivity to Bring Style and Speed to Personal Transportation

inboard-square.jpgCheck out this IoT skateboard that has the potential change the way people look at transportation. 

IoT Hero Chronicled Breaks Into Another Dimension of User Experience

chronicled-Square.jpgWe recently enjoyed the chance to chat with Chronicled CEO and co-founder Ryan Orr about his company’s mission to give products a unique, interoperable identity within the IoT realm. 

From Concept to Market in Just 3 Weeks: IoT Hero Microtronics Breaks Down Development Barriers

microtronics-Square.jpgSee how the latest IoT Heroes, Microtronics, are serving as a springboard for companies to realize their IoT ambitions.

Techmor Takes F1 and NASCAR Racing to the Next Level with IoT

Banner_Square.jpgSee how IoT Hero Todd Mory has turned his childhood passion into a fruitful career in high-performance vehicle design.

IoT Hero: ASUS Builds Smart Home System Solutions

ASUS Smart Home System Concept Map.pngLearn about the state of smart home solutions from IoT Hero Yeh Ching-hsin. 

IoT Hero Develops Smart Toothbrush to Improve Dental Health and Lower Insurance Premiums

Beam FeatureLearn how IoT Heros at Beam developed a smart toothbrush that is transforming the dental insurance industry while also improve health. 

IoT Hero Fitcare Leads Chinese Fitness Market with High-Precision “Heart Rate Watch”

Fitcare_Yin Shaoxiang.pngLearn how this IoT Hero is taking wearable development to the next in China level using our MCUs, heartrate monitor, and UV sensors.  

IoT Hero Broodminder Hits Funding Milestone

Congratulations to Rich Morris and his Broodminder wireless beehive scale for successfully completing its funding goals. The Broodminder is an IoT device designed to help protect bee populations during harsh winters. Broodminder.jpg

University of Antwerp Professor Uses IoT as Inspiration for Coursework

unspecified-1.jpegRead how this professor asks his students to build IoT prototypes combining different sensors, actuators, and communication technologies while taking into account things like low power consumption, form factor limitations, and communications regulations.