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KRACK WPA2 Encryption Protocol Vulnerability

With the recent KRACK attack, the security of WPA2 becomes equivalent of using an open, insecure Wi-Fi network. We are working on patches for our Wi-Fi products but in the meantime, hear some resources to secure the implementations using secure application level protocols, such as HTTPS, TLS etc. 

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IoT Device Security: What Designers Need to Know

The devices we've come to rely on are at their best when they're smart and connected, but this convenience comes with risk. Here we take a look at common commissioning methods and their security tradeoffs. 

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IoT Hero Q-Free Moves Excess Traffic Off-Road by Helping People Park Faster

Parking is about to get a lot easier thanks to Brage Blekken and his team at Q-Free, who are harnessing the power of the IoT to shorten the time we spend cruising around looking for a spot. 


Silicon Labs Bluetooth Implementations Unaffected by BlueBorne

BlueBorne, the attack announced this week by the security firm Armis, makes it possible for hackers to take control of Bluetooth devices and spread malware laterally to adjacent devices. This vulnerability highlights the value of being able to upgrade security through software updates.



Estimate the Range of Your Wireless Application

Check out these RF range calculators for help estimating the actual range of your wireless applications. 


Connectivity Not a Question of If, but How

Silicon Labs CMO Michele Grieshaber discusses how the decision to add connectivity shouldn't be taken lightly, and how the IoT can open up new avenues if learning and iteration is part of the product design process.



IoT Hero Deep Freeze Fishing: Taking Customers out of the Cold

Brad Zdroik is the founder of Deep Freeze Fishing and he's using the IoT to help anglers keep warm while they are ice fishing with an alert system so they can monitor their lines from afar. 


Bluetooth Mesh by the Numbers

Bluetooth now supports mesh networking, extending the ubiquitous nature of the global standard even farther. Here's an at-a-glance look at what that means. 

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Taking a Closer Look at the Ketra A20 Color Changing LED Lamp with EEWorld Online

Lee Teschler and Kelsy Ferrante from EEWorld Online tear down Ketra's high-end, tunable LED bulb and take us on a tour of what makes it work.

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Extending Bluetooth with Mesh Networking

Today we’re unleashing a suite of development tools, a software stack, and mobile applications to extend the power of Bluetooth with mesh networking. 

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I Was a Teenage Thunderboard Sense Developer

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This summer we invited two high school students, Ian and Cade, to spend a couple of weeks getting to know Thunderboard Sense. Here they summarize what happened when they applied the sensor-to-cloud development kit to the game of tennis. 

5 Trends for the Smart Home from Computex 2017

Jason Rock, a strategist in our IoT division, recently attended Computex 2017 in Taipei and shares with us some of the key take-aways from the event.

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IoT Hero Sengled Brings Style and Simplicity to Smart Connected Lighting

Charles Sun, vice president of R&D at Sengled, shares with us his vision for helping to simplify our surroundings with well-designed lighting products that integrate simplicity, aesthetics, and ease-of-use. 


IoT Hero Nanoleaf Breaks Down Barriers Between Doing Good, Looking Good, and Feeling Good

Nanoleaf, a Smart Lighting company, delivers never-before-seen lighting applications with a passion for cutting-edge design and sustainability. See how his company uses ZigBee SoCs8-bit MCUs, and the Bluetooth Blue Gecko SoC.


IoT Hero Braingrid is Redefining Power for the Future

Braingrid_Blog.jpgIoT Hero Michael Kandoff at Braingrid is really passionate about revolutionizing applications in the energy and agriculture sectors.