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Outstanding Performance by Silicon Labs’ Isolation in University Study

Rudye McGlothlin from our Power Products group discusses a recent academic study on isolation performance, particularly the application of isolation technology to variable frequency drive (VFD) systems. 


Boosting Solar Power Inverter Reliability

Photovoltaic power systems offer a sustainable alternative to fossil-fueled power plants, providing lower long-term operating costs, scalability, and a significantly lower carbon footprint. Photovoltaic_Highlight.jpg

Enhancing Power Delivery Systems with CMOS ISOdrivers

Power designers are being pushed to balance energy efficiency and smaller, more reliable power delivery systems. Fully integrated CMOS-based isolated gate drivers can help by offering both in smaller, more efficient packages.CMOS-blogpreview-.jpg

Introducing the First High-Speed Multi-Channel PLC Input Isolators

Earlier this month, we introduced the new Si838x PLC field input isolator family, which is the first high-speed, multi-channel digital isolators designed to meet the demands of programmable logic controller (PLC) applications.Si838 Highlight.png

Helping Drones Take Flight

Look up on a clear day and you’re likely to see a unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone, patrolling the skies. These gadgets are gaining traction in the consumer market and high-performance, low-cost components is one of the reasons why.Xiamoi Drone_Highlight.jpg

Busy Bee Gets an Industrial Upgrade

Today we announced an expansion to our EFM8 Busy Bee 8-Bit MCUs, our cost-effective and high-performance MCUs for embedded applications. Check out what it can do. BBI.jpg

The Answer to 100G/400G Coherent Optics Timing Requirements

Growth in the communications market is being driven in large part by the transition from 10G to 100G data rates on metro networks. Today, we announced our single-chip Si534xH clock family to address the timing requirements that come with this transition.


Introducing the World’s Smallest, Low Power LVCMOS Clock Generators

Today, we released the Si5121x Tiny Clock family with ClockBuilder Pro, the industry’s smallest programmable LVCMOS clock generators.

Tiny Clock.jpg

Introducing New Si827x Isolated Gate Drivers

We've annonced a new family of isolated gate drivers focused on power supplies for servers, computers, and base stations, as well as solar power inverters and microinverters, class D amplifiers, motor controllers, and chargers for electric vehicle/hybrid-electric vehicles (EV/HEV).


The Fastest Isolated Current Sense Amplifier for the World’s Harshest Conditions

8920 blog post.jpg

Do you need your current shunt measurement solution to work no matter what the conditions? Read on.

IoT Applications Sparking an Industrial Internet Revolution

Industrial IoTThe IoT isn’t going to stop at connected homes (or even connected cattle). Industrial automation applications are going to explode as the IoT gains momentum.

 See why in this blog post and webinar series. 

Introducing the Si88xx Isolator for Factory Automation, Solar Inverters, Battery Management and More

Si88xx for Automation

Today, Silicon Labs announces a plug-and-play isolated power supply solution that’s developed with industrial applications in mind—the Si88xx Isolator with an on-chip dc-dc converter.