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Detecting User Input with Capacitive Touch and Passive Infrared (PIR) - Part 2

15_title.pngLearn how to configure a simple Python graphing utility on any computer that can be used to view the capacitive sense values over the serial port

Betting Big on the Connected Home

EE Times’ Chief International Correspondent Junko Yoshida recently interviewed Yorbe Zhang, EE Times China’s editor-in-chief, focusing on China’s electronics industry and its outlook for 2017. Zhang singled out connected devices for the home as among the top five areas of interest for Chinese consumers in 2017.

IoT Market Outlook Highlight.jpg

IoT Hero Anrim Technologies: Taking a Different Road with Connected Cars & More

blog-anrim.jpgSee how IoT Hero Jason Harris is uncovering previously inaccessible opportunities in the connected car market.