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Kicking the Tires on Thunderboard React with Techmor and Joe Gibbs Racing

Today we announced the Thunderboard React developer kit, which removes some of the complexity that comes with IoT design. And last week we had the opportunity to visit with our customer, Techmor Inc., for an up-close look at how real-time sensing is being used in high-performance designs. Thunderboard React Carkit Highlight.jpg

IoT Hero: ASUS Builds Smart Home System Solutions

ASUS Smart Home System Concept Map.pngLearn about the state of smart home solutions from IoT Hero Yeh Ching-hsin. 

Early Access: Embedded Development Gets Even Simpler with Simplicity Studio 4

We’re upgrading our popular, award-winning Simplicity Studio software tools and giving them a whole new look. Simplicity Studio 4 will expand IoT support, have a redesigned software infrastructure, and will make for an overall better developer experience.


SS Image Highlight.png

Battery-Powered Nodes: Top 3 Concerns

Implementing battery-powered nodes into IoT devices is becoming the new normal. However, while they are increasing in popularity, these new types of nodes still pose several challenges for developers.

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A Short History of the Bluetooth BLE standard, BLE Beacons, and GATT

We've been talkig a lot about beacons lately, and in this blog we take a look back on the history of the standard and help clarify some of their subtleties.Bluetooth History.png

How to Determine Bluetooth BLE Beacon Proximity

As part of our beaconing series, we're taking a look at some of the design challenges that come with determining proximity. Highlight.png

Wireless Workshops (Americas)

Wireless Workshop.png

Join Silicon Labs experts for a series workshop geared to show how the Wireless Gecko SoCs, modules, software, and development tools can help your next design.

July 2016 Member Spotlight: operator


We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.

Choose Wisely: An MCU is Only As Good as Its Development Tools

Selecting an MCU also means selecting development tools, and to help you make the best decision we've collected all the information you need about our EFM32 Starter Kits.

EFR32 Starter Kit Teaser.png

Students to Study a New Course Based on EFM32


Students at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics will now have a chance to study a very unique course - one based on the EFM32 Giant Gecko kits.

National Week of Making Special - Make your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Part 2

pcb_chapter_head.pngPart 2 of how to make your own PCB from the Maker's Guide to the IoT: MCU Edition.  Learn how to build it, either by yourself or with the help of manufacturers and assemblers.

Get More from our New Multiprotocol and Sub-GHz Wireless SoCs with Connect Networking Stack

We’ve expanded the Wireless Gecko family and launched the first dual-band multi-protocol wireless SoCs as well as sub-GHz SoCs, giving IoT developers even more options for standards-based and proprietary wireless networks.

Gecko Icon.png

IoT Hero Develops Smart Toothbrush to Improve Dental Health and Lower Insurance Premiums

Beam FeatureLearn how IoT Heros at Beam developed a smart toothbrush that is transforming the dental insurance industry while also improve health. 

National Week of Making Special - Make your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Part 1


In honor of the National Week of Making, we introduce Part 1 of how to make your own PCB from the Maker's Guide to the IoT: MCU Edition.  Learn how to speak the language of PCB design covering schematics and layout.

Home Automation Part 4: All About the Ecosystems

How do I know which products in the market will work with the product I'm developing? What is an ecosystem and how does it relate to IoT? This 4th installment of the blog series will help shed some light on the home automation ecosystems.


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