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Trick Out Your Minecraft with the BGM111

Embedded expert James Langbridge describes how he used the Blue Gecko BGM111 Bluetooth Smart Module to enhance his Minecraft adventures. 


Choosing Electronic Parts for Your Project - Part 2

electronic_parts_header.pngLearn how to choose parts for your electronic project from the Maker's Guide to the IoT: MCU Edition.  Part 2 introduces switches,  connectors, and sensors. 


Silicon Labs Opens Nasdaq

Our 20th anniversary celebration continues, with the senior leadership team ringing in NASDAQ trading this morning. 


August 2016 Member Spotlight: hollie


We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.

20 Years of Building a More Connected World

Today is our 20th anniversary as a company and during the course of 2016 we’ve been taking a exploring some of the things that helped shape us into the company we’ve become. Here’s a look back at those stories and just a few of the highlights from the last two decades.more-connected-world-badge-photos-white.png

From Concept to Market in Just 3 Weeks: IoT Hero Microtronics Breaks Down Development Barriers

microtronics-Square.jpgSee how the latest IoT Heroes, Microtronics, are serving as a springboard for companies to realize their IoT ambitions.

Choosing Electronic Parts for Your Project - Part 1

electronic_parts_header.pngLearn how to choose parts for your electronic project from the Maker's Guide to the IoT: MCU Edition.  Part 1 introduces discrete circuit components.

Days of Thunderboard Derby

Yesterday makers from companies across Austin came together for our Days of Thunderboard Derby. With killer designs and elevated technical modifications, the competition was fierce as teams competed to build the best derby car with the help of the IoT.


Introducing the First High-Speed Multi-Channel PLC Input Isolators

Earlier this month, we introduced the new Si838x PLC field input isolator family, which is the first high-speed, multi-channel digital isolators designed to meet the demands of programmable logic controller (PLC) applications.Si838 Highlight.png

The IoT and the Thrill of Victory

Athletes from around the world will compete this month in the most prestigious competition on earth. We can’t tell you much about the event itself because of fierce trademark enforcement, but that won’t stop us from talking about how the Internet of Things is improving performance and creating a better experience for spectators and viewers.

IoT Sports Highlight.jpg

Faster, Simpler Connectivity with USBXpress

Check out the latest member of our USBXpress family - the smaller, lower-power CP2102N USB controller. This addition abstracts complex, time-consuming firmware development and packs serious functionality in a small package - down to 3 mm x 3 mm.

USBXpress CP2102N_Highlight.png

Techmor Takes F1 and NASCAR Racing to the Next Level with IoT

Banner_Square.jpgSee how htis IoT Hero Todd Mory has turned his childhood passion into a fruitful career in high-performance vehicle design.

Kicking the Tires on Thunderboard React with Techmor and Joe Gibbs Racing

Today we announced the Thunderboard React developer kit, which removes some of the complexity that comes with IoT design. And last week we had the opportunity to visit with our customer, Techmor Inc., for an up-close look at how real-time sensing is being used in high-performance designs. Thunderboard React Carkit Highlight.jpg

IoT Hero: ASUS Builds Smart Home System Solutions

ASUS Smart Home System Concept Map.pngLearn about the state of smart home solutions from IoT Hero Yeh Ching-hsin. 

Early Access: Embedded Development Gets Even Simpler with Simplicity Studio 4

We’re upgrading our popular, award-winning Simplicity Studio software tools and giving them a whole new look. Simplicity Studio 4 will expand IoT support, have a redesigned software infrastructure, and will make for an overall better developer experience.


SS Image Highlight.png