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Essential Best Practices and Debugging Tips for EFM32 Project Success - Part 4

debug_teaser.pngLearn more tips and tricks for software development, including inline functions, how to read and write data to the flash memory from your software, how to avoid buffer overruns, typecasting, and configuration locks.

IoT Hero Professor Sergei Bezrukov: Seeding the Next Generation of Innovators

blog-prof.jpgSee how the IoT is helping this professor encourage his students to think outside the box and push the bounds of creative problem-solving with cutting-edge technology. 

Connected Lighting Q&A

Alex Koepsel, one of our product marketing engineers, sat down recently to address some of the pressing questions facing the connected lighting market, including some of the design challenges facing developers. Connected Lighting_Teaser.jpg 

Essential Best Practices and Debugging Tips for EFM32 Project Success - Part 3

debug_teaser.pngLearn how to develop embedded software with less headaches in the debugging phase by following these essential best practices.   

A Focus on Simplicity Tops Our 2017 Resolutions

Silicon Labs CMO Michele Grieshaber shares one of the areas in which we’ll be focusing this year to continue to serve the industry and improve customer experience.

Resolutions Highlight.jpg

February 2017 Member Spotlight: smalldevshack


We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.

IoT Hero Jmesh Introduces an Intelligent Energy Ecosystem

blog-jmesh.jpgEven as the idea and applications for the Internet of Things have become familiar and accepted by the market, its industrial uses as a first developed component have been widespread in China for years. Learn more from IoT Hero Mr. Wang Donglin. 

Essential Best Practices and Debugging Tips for EFM32 Project Success - Part 2

debug_teaser.pngLearn the essential best practices needed to find success in working with hardware devices.

Essential Best Practices and Debugging Tips for EFM32 Project Success - Part 1

debug_teaser.pngLearn how to develop EFM32 projects with less painful mistakes.  This series is your guide and distills years of wisdom for working with embedded projects.  In part 1, the benefits of revision control systems are explained.

Embedded World 2017


Silicon Labs will showcase the latest products at Embedded World 2016 in Nuremburg, Germany, Mar. 14-16, at Booth 4A-128. 

CES 2017 Recap: In its 50th Year, CES Finds its Voice

We spent last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, and what a week it was. 2016 was clearly dominated by voice control. Here are or some thoughts on that and other observations from Skip Ashton, Silicon Labs' VP of software engineering.


Tying the IoT Together: Wireless Protocols

As you know, the number of devices for the connected home is growing faster than you can say “Alexa.”  And as this world expands, it’s important to understand the way in which all of these devices communicate with each other.Protocol Highlight.png

IoT Hero Airthings: Helping Customers Breathe Easily

blog-airthings2.jpgIoT Hero Airthings just launched Wave, a smart radon detector that couples sleek design with cutting-edge sensing technology to save lives. 

2016 Silicon Labs Community Highlights


As 2017 approaches we wanted to recap some of the highlights that made the Silicon Labs Community even better this year.

Heading to Vegas for CES 2017

Nearly 180,000 people attended CES last year, and 2017 marks the event's 50th anniversary. Silicon Labs will be there, so stop by and see what we're up to.