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Timing 101: The Case of the Ouroboros Clock

In the second part of our Timing 101 series, we take a look at a clock chip feedback arrangement that should generally be avoided that might occur accidentally or in an attempted recovery or test mode. 

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IoT Hero Q-Free Moves Excess Traffic Off-Road by Helping People Park Faster

Parking is about to get a lot easier thanks to Brage Blekken and his team at Q-Free, who are harnessing the power of the IoT to shorten the time we spend cruising around looking for a spot. 


Silicon Labs Bluetooth Implementations Unaffected by BlueBorne

BlueBorne, the attack announced this week by the security firm Armis, makes it possible for hackers to take control of Bluetooth devices and spread malware laterally to adjacent devices. This vulnerability highlights the value of being able to upgrade security through software updates.



September 2017 Member Spotlight: neal_tommy


We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.

Join Us to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey, the most powerful storm to hit Texas in 50 years, wreaked havoc on Friday. Learn how you can join Silicon Labs and help the victims of this life-threatening storm. 


Employee Spotlight – Arun Manickaraj

This week our Employee Spotlight is Arun Manickaraj, who started with us in 2014 and is now an Operations Analyst II in Singapore.


Smart Jewelry: IoT Hero WiseWear Takes Safety Wearables to the Next Level

Jerry Wilmink and his team at WiseWare are using the IoT to make jewelry that not only looks great, but could save your life. 


Estimate the Range of Your Wireless Application

Check out these RF range calculators for help estimating the actual range of your wireless applications. 


ProtoBricks Brings LEGOs into the Digital Age with Gecko MCUs

Joe Broms is the founder and CEO of newly-launched ProtoBricks, which makes it possible for users to build digital logic into LEGO designs.



Connectivity Not a Question of If, but How

Silicon Labs CMO Michele Grieshaber discusses how the decision to add connectivity shouldn't be taken lightly, and how the IoT can open up new avenues if learning and iteration is part of the product design process.



Timing 101: The Case of the (Apparently) Jittery Jitter Attenuated Clock

Kevin Smith is one of our senior applications engineering managers, and in this Timing 101 series, he’ll explore some of the most common challenges in this area and ways to address them. In this first post, Kevin takes a look at what happens when a test yields unexpected results.

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August 2017 Member Spotlight: Ivan_Dousa


We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.

Employee Spotlight - Steven Cooreman

Meet Steven Cooreman, Silicon Labs Software Engineering Manager on the 32-bit MCU Software team. He is this week's Employee Spotlight. 


IoT Hero Deep Freeze Fishing: Taking Customers out of the Cold

Brad Zdroik is the founder of Deep Freeze Fishing and he's using the IoT to help anglers keep warm while they are ice fishing with an alert system so they can monitor their lines from afar. 


Introducing the World’s Most Scalable Automotive Radio Solution

Our new portfolio of Global Eagle and Dual Eagle AM/FM receivers and digital radio tuners, along with our Digital Falcon coprocessors, are here and ready for a spin.

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