Wireless Workshops

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Locations & Dates
Bay Area (San Jose) - July 12th
Boston- September 15th
Chicago - September 22nd
Orange County (Irvine) - July 26th
Los Angeles (Woodland Hills)- July 28th
Milwaukee - September 21st
Minneapolis- July 14th
Pittsburgh- August 11th
Toronto TBD
Atlanta TBD
Bay Area (San Francisco) TBD


Join Silicon Labs experts for a series workshop geared to show how the Wireless Gecko SoCs, modules, software, and development tools can help your next design. The engaging training includes interactive demonstrations and hands-on labs. You'll get an overview on the guts of our latest Wireless Gecko family including how it addresses four common challenges in wireless designs: low energy, security, risk & time to market, and multi-protocol support.


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 Any chance you could make one of these workshops web accessble?