July 2017 Member Spotlight: funkathustra

by Administrator Siliconlabs on ‎07-19-2017 06:28 AM

We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.



Meet our July member of the month: funkathustra




Q: Congrats on becoming our featured member of the month! Can you introduce yourself to our community members?


My name is Jay Carlson, and I’m an Electrical Engineering PhD student at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (go Huskers!). I do a lot of freelance electronics engineering on the side. I got interested in engineering after taking apart my dad’s Apple II computer when I was 6 or 7 years old --- it never went together again, but I learned a ton in the process! When I was an undergrad, I started realizing how much creativity and outside-the-box thinking goes into engineering, and I’ve been able to integrate my other passions (design, music, photography … even craft cocktails!) into my work over the years.


Q: How did you know about the Silicon Labs Community?


While there are other places on the internet where smart people talk shop, the Silicon Labs Community is the only place that’s focused on specific Silicon Labs parts; it’s also the best place to snag an opinion from an employee at SiLabs – while I occasionally use the support ticketing mechanism, I find the forums are a little less stiff, and I like that other people who have the same question as I do can find the answers without opening their own support tickets. Saves everyone time!


Q: What features, products, services would you like to see in the future from Silicon Labs?


I was happy to see Silicon Labs commit heavily to the new EFM8 designs when they were introduced a few years ago. These 8-bit MCUs seem to be the perfect choice in so many of the projects I’ve worked on, so I’d love to see them keep innovating. For example, it’s one of the few 8-bit MCUs that has an internally-generated 1.8V core voltage --- a feature more familiar in high-end, modern ARM MCUs. I hope to see SiLabs continue to bring modern MCU design philosophy to their CIP-51 core EFM8s in the years to come!


Q: What advice would you give to someone new to the community?


Be bold, clear, funny, and compassionate – no matter what you’re talking about. There’s a lot of people from all over the world on the forums, with all sorts of different backgrounds. There’s university students who have no idea what a “pull-up resistor” is, and there’s old, crusty EEs that have been around the block once or twice before. When you ask a question, be compassionate toward the people from whom you’re asking for help, and try to frame your post so an outsider to your project would understand. When you’re answering someone’s question, understand that in addition to a knowledge gap, there could be a language or cultural barrier as well. Whatever you do, be bold, and make 'em laugh. We’re all in this together – might as well have fun while we’re at it, right?


Q: Thanks for answering the questions. Any final comment?


I don’t think so – this was fun! Thanks!