Employee Spotlight - Alex Hakkola

by Administrator llooper on ‎06-26-2017 12:54 PM

Alex Hakkola joined the Silicon Labs Broadcast/Automotive team as Systems Engineer in July 2014. In his role, he works on the Radio DSP portion of Silicon Labs tuner parts.




He is responsible for collaborating with a variety of groups to best serve all of Silicon Labs’ customers including: the MCU team to make sure parts are configured correctly, the validation apps team to ensure parts pass the necessary specifications, the design team to find the best way to make the chip work with hardware and software, and customers’ apps teams to resolve issues customers may have.


Alex’s supervisor, Dana Tiapale said, “Alex is able to quickly design and debug the signal processing code we need. At the same time, he has mastered the skills needed to produce small footprint algorithms and code.” Tiapale was especially impressed when Hakkola managed third party developing code for a part. Tiapale remarked, “[Alex] produced the specifications, created the tool stream and pc images needed by the developer, oversaw their development and integrated those deliverables into our code base.”


Hakkola’s favorite thing about working at Silicon Labs is “getting to ask questions of so many smart people” and having so many people to look up to professionally. His favorite corporate value is “We create customer value and commercial success through innovation and simplicity.” He said, “I like to think of this goal because it forces me to find the root cause and create a solution that addresses it quickly.”


Something coworkers may not know about Hakkola is he loves motorcycles. Tiapale said, “You can really get him to geek out talking about his motorcycle suspension.” When asked if he had a time machine, what point in the past or future would he visit, Hakkola said, “ I’d visit the past me at the time that I was starting my work here and try to educate myself on the lessons that I learned so far.” He continued, “My hope would be that after I returned from this trip, I would find myself in a positive feedback loop where I kept visiting my past self and learning more with each visit. This would allow me to gain many more years of experience and maybe more important, humility. I would see my only two years’ prior self and realize how much I learned within those two years, and how much my colleagues have helped me be a better engineer in that time.”


Smart answer from a smart engineer. We’re proud to have you on our team, Alex Hakkola. Keep up the great work!