Days of Thunderboard Derby

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We’re committed to building a more connected world by enabling the bright minds of today with innovative technology. That mission comes through loud and clear with our new Thunderboard React, a cloud-connected, Bluetooth-enabled, sensor-driven platform that lets customers demo, evaluate, and develop their own projects. And what better way to show off everything this board has to offer than putting it inside a classic pinewood derby car?




Pump Studios shows off their winning design at the awards ceremony.


Hottest Design.JPG

Pump Studios (second from the left) decked out their car and installed a working speaker, winning the award for Hottest Design.


We invited over 200 innovators, tech leaders, and influencers from civic organizations, STEM based non-profits, schools, and tech companies from Central Texas to participate. Four weeks before the event each of them received a Thunderboard React Car Kit for them and their pit crews to modify as desired, with instructions to show up at Austin’s Google Fiber Space to see how they stack up against the area tech community in the Days of Thunderboard Derby.



We had some pretty dedicated teams, but Car2Go stole the award with their awesome team spirit.


Team Spirit.JPG

The winners of the best Team Spirit, Car2Go, poses in costume with their dramatic Thunderboard car.


The teams arrived with souped-up cars and coordinated outfits ready to dominate the races. The Thunderboard derby cars showcased everything from design skills with the use of 3D printed spoilers and LED lights, to chip enhancements that supported propellers and motorized wheels. The teams mingled and trash-talked the competition as they waited for their chance to show off how they had modified the Thunderboard React in their own way.


Fastest Car.JPG

Bulldog took home the award for fastest car, equipping their car with a motorized fan.


The derby consisted of 12 heats with more than 40 cars. Competition was stiff, but only three teams took home a prize. The three categories of fastest car, hottest design, and most team spirit were voted on by a panel of judges, with winners each awarded $500 to donate to the local STEM non-profit of their choice.



Tyson Tuttle, our CEO, welcomes the crowd at Google Fiber.


Thunderbaord Derby Group Picture.JPG

A great night for the Austin tech community.


The IoT is all about taking everyday devices and connecting them to make something more. The Days of Thunderboard Derby showcased the innovation and creativity that can happen when great minds come together and create. Most of all, it showed us all that with all the opportunity and power the IoT holds, it can be just as fun as a good old fashion derby race.