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relocation failed: value out of range or illegal

I have encountered an error while building my application for EM3588 on IAR. Does anyone know how to solve the linker issue?


Error[Lp002]: relocation failed: value out of range or illegal: 0x217f8
Kind : R_ARM_THM_JUMP11[0x66]
Location: 0x080056c4
Module: C:\Users\Antonio\Ember\EmberZNet5.6.0-GA\app\builder\meshsmart_node_firmware\build\obj\faults.o
Section: 8 (.text)
Offset: 0x0
Target : 0x08026ec1
Module: C:\Users\Antonio\Ember\EmberZNet5.6.0-GA\app\builder\meshsmart_node_firmware\build\obj\faults.o
Section: 15 (.text)
Offset: 0x1

151 758 bytes of readonly code memory
23 446 bytes of readonly data memory
22 723 bytes of readwrite data memory

Errors: 1
Warnings: none

Link time: 0.76 (CPU) 0.76 (elapsed)
Error while running Linker

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Re: relocation failed: value out of range or illegal

Which IAR version do you use?

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