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about AT commands for ember em357

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Hi,every one 


I'm new to the ember zig-bee EM357... any AT-commands is there to communicate for serial communication with ember zig-bee me ....


thank u 

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Re: about AT commands for ember em357

The SiLabs dev kits assume you're writing your own firmware for the EM357, so while the application framework provided does have an ASCII-based CLI (command line interface) for driving the state machines in the application and guiding the stack, this isn't quite the same as having an AT-style command set for simplified interaction with a human or MCU on the hosting side.


If you're interested in more modem-like AT command set behavior, there are EM357-based modules out there offered by third parties who provide firmware like this.  Examples include:


* Telegesis ETRX3 modules - See

* CEL ZICM3 MeshConnect modules - See

* Digi XBee ZB modules - See


These modules all have available firmware with a simple serial interface similar to a modem.



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Re: about AT commands for ember em357

Hey zigmaster


About the Telegesis ETRX3 modules.  We have widget inventory manufactured with the Telegesis 

ETRX357HR-LRS module.  SI acquired / purchased Telegesis.  David Chalmers is gone.  With respect to the Telegesis acquisition. Who is now supporting the Telegesis firmware ?     Where do I download the Telegesis latest em357 firmware with the modem-like AT command set behavior?



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