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Why end device is not removed from child table?

I use EmberZNet 5.6.0 and use host-NCP communication.


As per the link (, the end device will removed from child table if the end device doesn't poll its parent in about 5 minutes.



In my case, the coordinator is the parent of an end device. I unplug the battery of the end device, but after enough long time, the end device is still in the child table.

>plugin stack-diagnostics child-table
#  type    id     eui64
0: Sleepy  0xE9EB (>)000D6F000B723223

1 of 6 entries used.

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Re: Why end device is not removed from child table?

EmberZNet is somewhat obsolete. I suggest you to use EMberZNet 5.10 to have the test again.

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